The truth comes out

•March 14, 2008 • 1 Comment

I cant hide it anymore… this is what really happened to my ankle.  I was balling with my boyz and was about to throw down when I got up a little to high.


Secret Training Video

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This are things the government does NOT want you to see.   What I have here is secret training video of terrorist that want to harm our country.  Notice how he takes off his shoes and then yells out a battle cry.  The man has no fear.

Hottest new band on the Street

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These guys are whats pure about music now-a-days. They put their heart and soul into their music.


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Click here

Here is a pic of my leg after the surgery.  You can see 18 stitches down the leg which will be removed tomorrow.  I’ll post a pic of my leg after I get them removed.

X-Rays after surgery

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Click Here

This x-ray shows two long screws that are keeping my ankle from falling out of place.  You can also see the plate that was used to fix the broken fibula.

Click Here

This x-ray shows all the little screws that are holding the plate on my fibula.

The two long screws are going to be removed in about three months and hopefully everything is good to go by then.

X-Rays of my ankle

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Click Here

Here is a pic of the x-ray after the incident.

Me as a Simpson

•March 10, 2008 • 1 Comment

Me as a simpson

I guess this is what I would look like as a Simpson. Not that great but I’m sure Miss Krabappel would be interested.