Random Creepy Pic

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hot dog man

There are many ways to cook a hot dog: boil, grill, microwave, the little machine that spins them or deep fry them.  Also a plethora of condiments can go on the like ketchup, mustard, chili, sauerkraut or cheese.  But the one thing that is not acceptable if if the hot dog cooks itself and then puts on its own condiments.  It is very disturbing.  Imagine this guy coming in your room and caressing the top of your foot until you gently wake up and see him.  At that point he starts yelling in his hot dog voice and shooting condiments on himself.  Thats just a scary thought.


Bron Bron

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Well look who as come over to the dark side.  Mr. Yankee Himself LeBron James.  In March Nike will release LeBrons new Yankee inspired shoe only in NY.  It has many great features including pinstripes in traditional Blue and White down the sides. Also under the strap reads “Fresh For ‘08. Suckers!”, and under the tongue “Le-Bron Ja-Mes. Clap. Clap. Clap Clap Clap” and “New York, New York”.  His number 23 is on the side also a tribute to Donnie Baseball.  This shoe shows how the Yankees are the front runners in fashion and soon will regain top notch status in MLB.  If you cannot afford the ring that would surely help me recover quicker these shoes would make sure I do not dislocate my ankle again.    nike-lbj-5-ny-yankee-dl-5.jpgNike Zoom LeBron 5

Nike Zoom LeBron 5 New York Yankees

Gift Ideas

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Mr. Jose Canseco is really down on his luck.  He is just getting rid of anything he can to make a buck.  Even so some of the stuff he is selling is pretty interesting and would be a great get well gift for me.  For example, $40,000 can get me this wonderful 2000 New York Yankees World Series ring that would be a great addition to my collection.



Football players aren’t that tough

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OK this guy is a bad bad man but the trainer needs to be a little bigger to get some real street credit. This is what Stacey does to Jamal before he goes to work.

Millionaire Matchmaker

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Just finished watching a show called millionaire matchmaker on Bravo.  Now this show is something else.  It shows that people can find very creative ways to make money.  Im looking at this from two different ways.  First the matchmaker, Patti Stanger, who actually makes a living running the Millionaire Club. She finds rich guys who can’t find a girl to pay her and she goes out and finds women for them.  Now the girls come to her office and she interviews them to make sure they would make a good match for someone.  These girls all want to make it seem they are not in it for the money.  Common you are going to a dating agency just for millionaires, what do you think they are looking for.  This Patti has commandments for these socially inept people just so that they don’t completely drive the gold digger away.  Then at the end of the show they give you an update of the relationship.   It just makes me think I really need to do something like this to con people. I mean me and my buddies all have very good people skills and could sure find some suckers but wait most of us do have some morals so I guess I’ll just grind it out.

The New York Football Giants

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I was in New Jersey for the Super Bowl to watch the Giants.  After the game my brother took me to Hoboken to continue the party.  In this video you can see me, my brother and two of his friends joining the big party.  At the 3:11 mark of the video the camera moves to the left and you can see four people getting out of a car thats us.  At the 3:37 mark in the lower left corner you see some guys walking in wearing Giants jerseys.  My brother at that point high fives a cop.

I think I really need rehab

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I have been trying to figure out if I am addicted to pain killers.  I really wish I knew the line between medicinal use and recreational use.  My ankle is killing me right now and I’m sore all over.  Now I don’t know if is because I really am sore or am I just having a craving.  I just finished watching a show about the drug war on America.  It was a bunch of hippies trying to legalize drugs in the US.  They do bring up a different way of thinking but then I just realized that maybe I am addicted to these pain killers because that is the new thing out there.   Thats the problem being stuck home all day all sort of silly things pop in your head.  Well guess if I start wanting to use harder drugs the question will be answered but right now I am going to take a little Tylenol and see if that fixes me.